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Your resume (or Curriculum Vitae) should be easy to read by a prospective employer, set you apart from other applicants and give you a competitive edge. You can achieve this with a resume prepared personally for you by Distinctive Resumes - based in Netley, South Australia.

Our format introduces you and lists your personal and professional skills and experiences, in a manner in which the reader can gain this information easily from the document. It will illustrate and promote your best qualities and achievements and will promote all you have to offer a 'new' employer.

We can also assist you in approaching interviews with prospective employers and planning a career path and have assisted people from many different walks of life; managers, students applying for apprenticeships, teachers, builders, medical staff, etc.

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Call or text: 0409 280 418

Email: robinb@chariot.net.au

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Professional Resume Preparation and assistance with job searches and applications. We include a bound copy of your resume and an electronic copy that can be attached to emailed applications.

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